Defect documentation by voice input

With voize, inspection engineers can freely record documentation on their smartphones. voize automatically generates structured entries in your defect documentation system.

Customers who already rely on voize

That is why test engineers love voize

During the inspection, defects can be recorded directly by voice input.

  • Improved documentation rate and quality
  • Time saving in documentation
  • Better working conditions

voize supports you with the documentation

voize has been developed from the ground up together with test engineers in order to provide optimal support in everyday work.

Mobile test assistant

With voize, you can enter defects and we automatically create the matching entry from the defect tree. Colloquial phrases can also be used.

Speak in defects by private treaty

Hands-free speaking is possible via a headset. This means that the cell phone can remain in your pocket and you can concentrate fully on the test object.

AI assistance

Based on the defect history and the vehicle model, our AI can determine particularly likely defects for the currently inspected vehicle. In this way, targeted follow-up inspections can be carried out.


Direct interface to your inventory system

voize interfaces with SAP and many other software solutions. Documentation entries, master data, user accounts and other information are synchronized smoothly.

How does it work?

voize accompanies you during your technical examinations.
Smartphone in the pocket

With voize, you always have orders and master data with you. All information is automatically synchronised in the background.

Speak documentation freely during the examination

With an airpod in the ear, the documentation can be recorded hands-free directly during the exam.

Automatic defect assignment

Based on the voice input, the correct defects are automatically assigned from the defect tree. In this way, colloquial phrases can also be used.

Carefree digitisation without data protection concerns

voize was developed from the ground up with a focus on data protection and easy IT deployment. Data never has to leave its infrastructure. voize can also be deployed without nationwide WLAN.
No WLAN Required

We have managed to run all AI systems directly on the end device. This means that no server connection is required for use and the app is also ready for use with an Internet connection. This means that even workshops without wifi coverage can benefit from our solution.

Self-learning AI

voize uses artificial intelligence and speech recognition developed specifically for the documentation of technical inspections. This means that technical terms and abbreviations are understood, and even dialects and loud background noises are no problem. And best of all, the artificial intelligence learns with every input, so it is constantly improving.

Data location Germany

All data is stored and processed on German servers.

Data protection by design

Record vital signs, nursing reports, hygiene entries and much more by voice input directly at the client's home. Annoying paper slips are a thing of the past.

Direct integration

voize offers direct integration into your system via interfaces.


Don't just take our word for it!

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Company Name @ Location

"voize is really an enormous reduction in workload and definitely a time saver. We don't want to do without voize any more."

Sandra Saad
Company Name @ Location

"voize is really an enormous reduction in workload and definitely a time saver. We don't want to do without voize any more."

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Sandra Saad
Nursing specialist
Cloverleaf care

"voize is really a huge labour-saver and definitely a time-saver. We don't want to do without voize any more."

Alexandra Kirchmayr
Nursing specialist

"voize my new best friend and loyal companion."

Cinzia Aita
Nursing specialist

"voize has really made my day-to-day work easier today."

Ann-Katrin Hoffmann
Nursing specialist
Cloverleaf care

"We see incredible potential in how voize can further support care in the future."

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