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How to get started with voize

With these 4 simple steps you will be successful. In 2-8 weeks you can go from first contact with voize to productive operation.
1. initial interview

In an initial meeting, we discuss your requirements and show you a live demo of the voize app. We will then prepare an individual offer for you.

Project plan

Together we agree on a plan for technical and organizational preparation and set the start date.

3. implementation

Now we are implementing the project plan, carrying out the technical configuration and giving the first interested users access to the app.

4. training and launch

In a one-hour training session, your employees can start directly with the documentation via voice input. In regular feedback meetings, we take on board your suggestions and ideas for product improvement.


Find answers to frequently asked questions.

Does voize also understand dialects and accents?

Yes, voize's speech recognition is specially optimized for nursing and understands dialects, accents and technical terms.

Is ambient noise a problem?

No, ambient noise is not a problem, it is filtered out. Thus, documentation can be done directly in the resident's room, in the corridor or in the ward room, even if ambient noise prevails.

Is voize data protection compliant?

Yes, upon conclusion of the contract, a commissioned data processing contract will also be concluded, compliant with DSGVO, the Church Data Protection Act of the Evangelical Church in Germany EKD and the Special Data Processing Act for Catholic, Church Authorities KDG.

Is voize used on the private mobile phones?

No, for voize, equipment from the care facility is used.

Which smartphones can be purchased and how many?

Any Android phone with Android 10 or newer can be used. We are happy to provide a device recommendation with devices around 200€. For a residential area with 4 nurses in the early shift, we recommend a total of 4 smartphones. The devices are shared between the nurses.

Is wifi required in my facility?

Yes, but this does not have to be comprehensive. Voize can also be used offline for documentation. However, wifi is required for later synchronisation. This can be done, for example, through access points in the ward room.

Do the smartphones have to be equipped with SIM cards?

No, this is not necessary, but it is possible if you also want to make phone calls via the phones or if there is no WLAN.

Is it still possible to document on the PC?

Yes, with voize the existing documentation system PC can still be used. voize offers an additional, mobile and voice-supported possibility of documentation.

How is voize received by care recipients?

voize not only pleases the caregivers, but also the patients. Mobile documentation allows caregivers to spend more time with you. Time that makes a big difference!

Can nurses document in languages other than German?

No, in voize you can only document in German. Here, however, speaking is much easier than writing, especially due to voize's automatic spelling and punctuation.

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