Speech recognition in your app

With the voize SDK, you can benefit from voize speech recognition in your own app.

That's why developers love voize

With just a few lines of code to speech recognition in your own app

  • Improved documentation rate and quality: fewer errors occur with immediate documentation
  • Time saving in documentation
  • Better working conditions

Offer your customers language documentation with voize

voize has been realized from the ground up together with developers in order to provide optimal support in everyday work.

Your own language AI in just a few steps

Our good documentation and demo repositories make it easy to integrate the voize SDK into your application.

Detailed developer documentation

In our developer environment you will receive detailed documentation about all functions and integration possibilities.


Customise the voize SDK to your processes and use cases to best support your customers.

How to integrate voize

With these 4 simple steps you will be successful. In 2-8 weeks you can go from first contact with voize to productive operation.
1. onboarding

In a short onboarding meeting, we agree on the use case together.

2. prototype

You get access to the SDK, the docs and the demo system. You can finish implementing the prototype in a few hours.

3. implementation

After the prototype has been implemented, the business team and the development team coordinate the implementation.

4. roll out to customers

Now the first customers of your system can already use voize speech recognition in their application.

Find out how voize can be used in your company.

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